On the one hand, it hardly seems possible that we have been living in Tanzania for two years! On the other, Africa has truly become home to us, and we are accustomed to life as it is here. These two years have provided many opportunities for us to learn and serve. We have prayerfully and carefully tried to make honest assessment of our fruitfulness.

Training and equipping men to preach the gospel is the Evangelist’s “great commission.” The “things which thou has heard from me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). Two points deserve mention about training native men to preach. First, these men will be able to go forth and freely teach their fellows in their native tongue. They also are able to understand the cultural norms which we often have difficulty learning and understanding. Second, each group we train will have a multiplied potential to reach more than I could ever reach by myself alone. We must have wise long-term vision for the growth of the kingdom, and not be shortsighted.

Having lived in Moshi, the distance has restricted me from teaching fewer classes at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. I have a passion for teaching, and am convinced, as stated above, of the great good that can be done with the School. Therefore, I want to sharpen my focus, and give more attention to teaching at the School. Therefore, we will be moving to the Arusha area. This move will eliminate the 90 kilometer commute one way, which I have had between Moshi and Kisongo. Our supporters are aware of the vehicle accident we had, and will therefore understand our desire to diminish the required driving where possible.

Another great need is in the area of literature. There is such a lack of printed materials in the Swahili language, which is written at the appropriate level and with the necessary content. This also requires a forward-looking vision of what can be accomplished. Small bush congregations are just thirsty for lessons which they can use to teach during Bible study sessions and lesson materials for sermons. Many of you are aware of the evangelism booklet we have produced which is a teaching tool for non-Christians. It has been well received by brethren here and back in the states. We would like to prepare a follow up booklet which can help babes in Christ grow toward maturity. Joy also has an interest in writing which will fill a need for Christian sisters. Ladies have proved to be zealous workers here in Tanzania, and equipping them with good material will just accelerate their fruitfulness. Therefore, we want to sharpen our focus in the area of writing and producing key teaching tools.

Our move to the Arusha area will bring us closer to ACSOP, it will bring us closer to more able translators, and it will bring us closer to some printing facilities. Please pray for the whole Jensen team as we transition to a new home. GJ