One of the things that our family has enjoyed during our trip to the States is experiencing the autumn season. Throughout our travels we’ve enjoyed beautiful weather, the changing of the leaves, and crisp fall mornings. We are getting ready to head back to Tanzania, and when we return, we certainly will remember with fondness the wonderful weather we’ve enjoyed.

More than that, though, we will treasure the precious memories we have made. We’ve relished the days of worship, which we’ve been able to enjoy in English. We will remember the good times we’ve spent with family and friends. We’ve had the opportunity to see folks whom we have not seen in many years. We’ve gotten to know some people on a deeper level than we knew before, and we’ve also made new friends along the way. We’ve experienced much laughter together, as well as tears of sadness when it was time to say goodbye.

Thank you, everyone, for making our trip to the States a special one. Hopefully we’ll see some of you in Tanzania! Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to travel. We will be heading over to San Francisco on Wednesday, the 19th. We will worship with the Oceanview congregation Wednesday evening, and then we will depart from San Francisco Thursday morning.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, as you follow Him.

The Jensens